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City of Hoonah and the Waters of Port Frederick and Icy Strait

Located in Port Frederick along side Icy Straits, Hoonah is a quiet town which has been home to the Tlingit people since advancing ice pushed them from their home in Glacier Bay during the last ice age. The largest Tlingit community in Alaska, Hoonah has a rich cultural heritage which can be explored and enjoyed during your visit.

Due to Hoonah's location, we are given immediate access to  fishing and excellent whale watching. Humpback and killer whales have been spotted from time to time working along the shores right in front of town. The rich waters of Icy Strait support a large and diverse population of marine mammals, fish, and birds.

The City of Hoonah is Located one mile from the Icy Strait Point cruise port, which offers visitors several excellent places to eat, shop, and stay during your visit. 

You can visit the City Of Hoonah’s municipal website for more information about the community.

City of Hoonah and the Waters of Port Fredrich and Icy Strait

Hoonah Alaska and Port Frederick

View of Hoonah Alaska from above

Humpback Whales of Icy Strait

Footage of Humpback Whales in Icy Strait Alaska


Lodging when you visit Hoonah Alaska

North Wind Inn
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